Saturday, June 15, 2013

Taylor Swift

Madison received a Taylor's Swift concert ticket for her 11th birthday in April.  One of her good friends, Tylar Lemon, also received the same thing.  It was the best birthday gift ever.  The concert was on June 1st.  We loaded up that morning and drove out with Meghan and Tylar.  We did some shopping and then ate at the girls' choice of restaurant which was Olive Garden.  Then we went to the hotel, which was right next to the concert, to fix I relives up for Taylor Swift!  Once we were at e concert, we waited in line for 40 minutes to buy the girl a t- shirt.  Crazy!  Then we waited and waited Taylor to come out.  Her music made the Walsh of the huge Energy Solutions Arena vibrate.  It was that loud.  Her silhouette was displayed behind a huge red curtain right before she started to sing.  It was quite the entrance.  She had a whole dancing crew and an awesome stage.  She loves to entertain and we were in awe for the whole two hours.  It was crazy good.  I'd go again in a flash.
 Tylar and Madison drinking strawberry Lemonade at Olive Garden

 At the hotel

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The First Day

I am happy to report that our first day of school ended with very happy individuals!

Brayden enjoyed all of his classes, which contained plenty of friends to keep him happy.  Madison was a little terrified of her Mr. Hunting at first, but she proclaimed that he isn't scary at all....just loud!  Her class is also full of friends from years past, all except for her very best friend Sara.  It is a major adjustment to not see the two together....and a little bit sad.  Spencer and I had a blast in our 3rd grade class.  He definitely wanted to show his sassy side at first...but I nipped it with some procedures.  By the end of the day, he and I realized that we make a fabulous team.  The rest of our class was so well-behave and very SMART.  I was smiling all day!